RunOne Electrophoresis System Technical Support

RunOne FAQs

My gel keeps floating and will not sit properly.

To anchor the gel with the gel tray to the running platform, push it down and slide it slightly sideways.

Electrophoresis is taking much longer than the expected run time.

Check to make sure the running buffer was correctly prepared and diluted to 1X concentration (or to 0.5X concentration if running a gel prepared with 0.5X buffer). Excessive salt concentration in the buffer produces higher current levels and results in lower voltage gradient and thus a longer run time.

The green LED on the corner of the power supply does not light up when plugged into the wall. 

 If the green LED does not light, check the fit between the lid, running tank and power supply. The Lid should fit flush with the running tank and the power supply should slide firmly into place. Also check the power source or the wall outlet. If all components are in place and the green LED still does not light, call Embi Tec at 1-858-684-3190 for tech service.

During the run, the voltage indicator begins blinking continuously.

The current has exceeded the safety limit of 400 mA and the RunOne Power Supply has shut down. Check to make sure the running buffer was correctly prepared and diluted to 1X concentration. If the running buffer has been reused, it is time to change the buffer. We highly recommend using fresh buffer after each run. If you are reusing your buffer, we suggest replenishing lost buffer with DI water – do NOT replenish with running buffer.

 During electrophoresis, the bromophenol blue and xylene cyanol dye fronts did not migrate into the gel.

Check to make sure the gel was properly placed on the running platform with the wells closer to the power supply. DNA migrates from cathode(-) to anode(+) in the RunOne Unit as indicated by the polarity arrow on the tank.

The unit is leaking.

If your RunOne lid has pins, examine the inside wall of the running tank next to the power supply and see if there are any hairline cracks. If there are hairline cracks, call Embi Tec for a Return Authorization number and send the unit back for replacement. Condensation and then siphoning might have created a drain path from the running tank to the bottom of the unit. Empty out the buffer and let the running unit dry out.

The unit is running hot and the gel is melting.

The buffer concentration is incorrect. The amount of current in the system is related to the heat generated, and the amount of current is proportional to the amount of salt. Most likely the buffer concentration is much more than 1X. For example, the temperatures of the buffers in the RunOne after a 30 minute run using a 1X TBE is 32.6°C, 90.7°F and for a 2X TBE it is 44.4°C, 111.7°F.

The unit is not running and the lights on the power supply are not blinking.

1. Make sure the lid is lowered fully and firmly in place.

2. There is a small green LED at the lower right hand corner of the RunOne power supply, it should be lit if a functioning power supply is plugged into the power outlet. If the green LED light is not on when the power supply is plugged in, then the power supply is burnt out. Call Embi Tec for tech service.

 Everything looks functional, but there aren’t any bubbles.

Make sure that the power supply is properly plugged in and check for any loose connections.

The green light comes on, but the red light does not.

Check the Voltage Select button. Is it responsive? If not, call Embi Tec for tech service.

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