Pre-Cast Gel Information

Gel Compatibility

Embi Tec pre-cast gels do not require a specific gel run apparatus. They will work in a gel box which has a platform of sufficient size. We recommend using the RunOne Electrophoresis system, as we have optimized gel run parameters in this system. 

Buffer Capacity

TBE has higher buffer capacity than TAE. The buffer capacity for TAE is relatively low and can become exhausted over long run. 


TBE tends to run cooler than TAE. For example, when TBE is compared to TAE in the RunOne Electrophoresis System, the TBE buffer is 5-10°C cooler over a 40-minute run at 100V. 


The resolving power of TAE and TBE are nearly identical with the exception of supercoiled DNA which is better resolved in TAE than in TBE. 

Run Times

Double-stranded linear DNA migrates about 10% faster through TAE than TBE, but because TBE runs cooler, the bands are sharper and straighter.

Shelf Life

  • 0.8% – 3% agarose gels with EtBr: 7 months at room temperature
  • 4% or higher agarose gels with EtBr: 3 months at room temperature
  • All GreenGels: 3 months at room temperature
  • Agarose gels with no stain: 1 year at room temperature
  • Polyacrylamide gels: 6 months refrigerated

Embi Tec pre-cast agarose gels are available in a large number of formats and sizes. Use the guide below to choose the right gel size and agarose concentration for your applications.

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