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Essentials for every work station. Affordable and reliable micropipettes and centrifuge for research labs, clinical labs, and classrooms. Includes the following: 

Multi-Speed Centrifuge Mini (EP-4100): All-in-one rotor for 0.2 mL – 2 mL tubes. Speed range of 100 – 10,000 RPM. Designed for micro-filtration, sedimentation, and spining down samples.

ONE Series Pipette set of 4 (EA-1014): Adjustable micropipettes in a range of volumes (0.1- 2 μL, 2-20 μL, 20-200 μL, and 100-1000 μL).

Pipette Stand (EA-1011): Fits up to 9 micropipettes. Compatible with micropipettes and multi-channel pipettes. Perfect for common work stations. 

*Pipette Stand photo shows 9 micropipettes not included with the set. 

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Dimensions 13 × 9 × 7 in

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