PrepOne Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator Overview

Can the PrepOne Sapphire detect samples stained with EtBr?

For optimum performance, we suggest using GelGreen or other fluorescent dyes similar to SYBR Green I.

What gels/dyes are compatible with the PrepOne Sapphire?

Gels and dyes at or around 470nm ±30nm.

How do I clean the PrepOne Sapphire?

Gently wipe the PrepOne unit with some DI water and a soft cloth. For prep gel applications, place a cutting mat underneath the gel.

Is the PrepOne waterproof?

The Sapphire is water resistant, but not waterproof. We suggest wiping the bottom of the gel tray with a paper towel before transferring it from the buffer tank to the light box.

Will the PrepOne damage the bands when viewing?

No. Unlike the UV light, the PrepOne’s blue LEDs allow for users to view the gel and access the bands and cut it without UV exposure, giving a better quality DNA.

How do I take clear picture of my gel, and prevent fuzzy, out-of-focus pictures?

Let the gel cool for a few minutes after your gel run before transferring to the PrepOne unit for viewing. This will help reduce condensation and allow you to get a clear, bright signal for visualization.

How can I improve the quality of the image taken with the Image Catcher?

There is no need to zoom in when you are taking pictures of your gels. The hood and camera are fixed at the optimal distance and focal point. When you zoom in, you may lose focus.

To get rid of the lights and extra background, take the picture first (no zoom) and then transfer it into your computer. You can use a photo editing app to crop the extra background space on the sides of the gel.

We recommend using the orange amber filter to photograph your gel.  Put the gel in the viewing area, the amber filter over the gel and the camera hood right on top of the camera filter.

To prevent condensation underneath the amber filter, let the gel cool after your gel run before placing it into the PrepOne unit for viewing. Cool the gel in the refrigerator for a few minutes, rinse with cold water, or set the gel aside at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes.

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