Precast Gels and Casting Systems Technical Support

I am having trouble loading my samples into a well.

One possibility is insufficient sample buffer density. Check your sample loading buffer concentration and dilute with sample accordingly. For example, when using a 6X sample loading buffer, mis every 1 volume of loading sample buffer with 5 volumes of sample.

After staining the gel, I don’t see any sample bands. 

If the standard is stained properly, try lengthening the staining time. If the sample is still not seen, there may not be enough DNA in the sample.

I have incorporated GelGreen in my gels as instructed, but I can barely see any bands.

Do NOT use glass containers when making GelGreen Gels. It is very important to use polypropylene containers instead of glass containers because glass surfaces will absorb GelGreen and render it unable to stain the DNA.

My gel tray is warping.

The tray is warping due to the high temperature of the agarose. Wait for the agarose to cool before pouring it into the gel tray.

The gel is clear and I can’t see where I’m loading.

For our standard Casting System, the trays are printed for better visualization of the wells. If you are using our MultiCasters, visualization plates are included.

The bottom of my wells are ripping. 

Before pulling the comb out, pour a little bit of buffer on top near where the wells are and wiggle it a little before completely pulling the comb out.

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