PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Illuminator 

Transcend the transilluminator for prep and eliminate the hazards of UV and EtBr!

The PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator is a first-of-its-kind portable blue LED gel light box that allows you to visualize your gel without a protective mask, shield, or filter that obstructs your access. Your gel is illuminated from the sides, so you can view, photograph, and cut your gel with comfort and ease. 

For optimal results, use GelGreen™ DNA stain or GreenGel™ Pre-Cast Agarose Gels.

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PrepOne Sapphire Gel Illuminator

Safe stain compatible

Ditch UV! Take your time viewing your gel and cutting your bands without UV photo-nicking. Get higher quality DNA and better recovery for your downstream applications.

The PrepOne™ gel illuminator is optimized for viewing DNA bands (50 ng) stained with fluorescent dyes with wavelength of approx. 490 nm. 

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Dark room on your bench

No dark room needed. Everything you need is right in front of you! The collapsible photo hood makes visualizing and photographing fluorescent stained gels a snap with a smart phone or tablet.

Capture gel images easily and inexpensively.

Side illumination makes it a snap to take photos before and after cutting out bands.

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Small enough to stash in your lab drawer.

The entire PrepOne is very compact, can be taken anywhere, and is easily stored in a lab drawer. Take it out when you need it. Store it out of the way when you don’t!

Footprint = 20.3 cm (W) x 15.3 cm (L)

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PrepOne™ Cutting Mats

Cutting mats designed to fit in the PrepOne system. Easily cut completely through the gel to cut out bands without damaging the PrepOne unit.

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