LightOne™ Pipetting Trackers

Pipette the right one with the LightOne! 

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Track where you pipetted

LEDs illuminate your samples by well, by row, or the entire plate. Keep track of pipetting, mark and pick your samples, and load your plate with accuracy. LightOne illuminators are the perfect pipetting aid. 

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Minimize mistakes.

Maximize your pipetting efficiency and reduce costly errors. By illuminating specific wells, operator error is reduced, increasing confidence in assay preparation and results. 

See your samples in a new light.

Water resistant, ultra-compact, the ViewOne™ LabLite brilliantly illuminates your samples and provides an additional backlight to your imaging system or microscope. The built-in retainer for Petri dishes, agar plates, and 96-well plates holds your samples in place.

Better visualization of:

96-well ELISA, 384-well plates, gel-based PCR, lymph node dissection, colony picking and bacterial plates, Hemagglutination assays, Coomassie Blue Stained gels, Zymogram gels, cell colonies, and cell culture plates.

Compact, lightweight and portable.

Only slightly larger than a smartphone - bring it to your next conference or field trip!

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