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What is the difference between the LightOne Illuminator FS and qRED?

LightOne Illuminator FS and qRED are pipetting trackers for 96-well plates. The LightOne Illuminator FS is built with white LEDs which illuminate samples. The LightOne Illuminator qRED is built with red LEDs which illuminate your samples without bleaching fluorescent dyes. For assays using fluorescence, we recommend the LightOne Illuminator qRED.

What is the LightOne Illuminator Pro used for?

The LightOne Illuminator Pro a pipetting tracker for a 384-well plate. A silicone adaptor can be used for a 96-well plate. The red LEDs illuminate your samples without bleaching fluorescent dyes. Program your plate using the LightOne Plate Selector tool, transfer the template to a USB, and plug it into the LightOne unit to keep track of your pipetting.

Do LightOne Illuminators fit full-skirted, semi-skirted, or non-skirted plates?

LightOne Illuminators fit various plate types with and without the plate adaptor included with your unit. See the table below for recommended plate types for each LightOne Illuminator and whether an adaptor is needed to hold the plate in place.

Plate typeLightOne FSLightOne qREDLightOne Pro
Full-skirted 96-well✓ with adaptor
Full-skirted 384-well
Semi-skirted 96-well✓ with adaptor✓ with adaptor✓ with adaptor
Semi-skirted 384-well
Non-skirted 96-well✓ with adaptor✓ with adaptor✓ with adaptor
Non-skirted 384-well

What is the foot pedal used for?

The foot pedal plugs into the junction box included with the LightOne unit. The foot pedal allows the user to advance to the next well(s) hands-free.

Can I use LightOne Illuminators in my sterile tissue culture hood?

Yes, spray the LightOne unit with EtOH and wipe with a dry, lint-free disposable wiper. Do not allow moisture to come in contact with exposed electronic parts (e.g. junction box, electronic connectors, etc.).

Where do I find instructions for using LightOne Illuminators?

Instruction manuals are available for download here:

Can I automatically advance to the next well or next row of wells without pressing buttons or the using the foot pedal?

The LightOne Illuminator FS and qRED provide a timer feature that allows the user to set the duration which a well or a row of wells is illuminated. The illumination will advance to the next well or row of wells automatically. User instructions for the LightOne FS and qRED are available here:

LightOne Illuminator Pro does not include a timer feature.

Are LightOne Illuminators adapted for US and International use?

Yes, LightOne Illuminators are adapted for power inputs of 110V-240V.

What is the warranty on my LightOne Illuminator?

How do I send my LightOne Illuminator for repairs and technical service?

Contact Embi Tec customer service to request a return authorization.

How do I light up groups of wells simultaneously on the LightOne?

In the USB stick there is a file called “test_in01.csv” you can use this as a template for creating the files you need.

Open it up in Excel and you should see 3 columns that have text in it.

*Column A tells you the plate name, In this case it is “plate 1” and “plate 2”. This tells you that this document will generate files for 2 plates (in01.emb, in02.emb)

*Column B tells you the order in which the wells will progress in.

*Column C to Column XXX tells you the simultaneous wells.

For example, for plate 1 A1 and B2 will illuminate at the same time, press GO then C1 and C2 will illuminate at the same time. The next time you press GO, C3 will illuminate, then G10 and so on.

In the case you Column D, Row 1 is filled in with P24, Then when you first start, A1 and B2 and P24 will illuminate at the same time.

Once you are done, save the CSV file and now you have to convert it so the LightOne understands it.

Depending on whether you are using a 384-well plate or a 96-well plate, choose the appropriate converter. “CSV_Conv384” for 384-wells or “CSV_Conv96” for 96 wells.

Click on the appropriate one and the program should load without having to install anything. Once the program loads, go to File–>Open–>”test_in01.csv”

It should look like






Click on the icon with the little green arrow and the piece of paper or click on CreateEmbitecFiles

It should create files in01.emb, in02.emb, a plate list and an error list (if errors exist). Put the inXX.emb files in the Embi Tec USB stick and plug it into the LightOne.

What is the foot pedal used for?

The foot pedal allows hands-free lighting.

How do you light it up?

Press arrows simultaneously.

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