PrepOne™ Sapphire

As seasoned researcher, you have probably seen (and may have been unfortunate enough to experience) the potential dangers of UV in the lab - the damaged DNA, the mutated samples, the unwanted goggles tan-ttoo, the horrid corneal burns (trust me sunburnt eyeballs are no fun).

The PrepOne Sapphire may be the your ticket to kissing these good-bye!

This modern, laboratory-chic illuminator uses blue LEDs to illuminate your gels rather than the traditional UV. Traditional transilluminators have the light source coming from the bottom and shining up through the gel. The PrepOne features a light source that enters the gel from the side and excites the fluorescently stained bands while leaving the background dark.

EC-1995: GelGreen™ Stain


EP-1044: Fluorescent Printed Tray Medium


PI-1000: PrepOne™ Sapphire², 100-240V*


PI-1002: PrepOne™ Amber Filter


PI-1003: PrepOne™ Cutting Mat



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Blue LED Illuminator - Embi Tec
PI-1009: PrepOne™ Sapphire with Collapsibl...


PI-1010: Collapsible PrepOne™ Image Catche...



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PI-2100 : PrepOne Sapphire & Image Catcher...


VL-1102: ViewOne™ Viewing Goggles, 1/pk