EP-2035 | RunOne™ Unit, without Timer and MultiCaster, Aqua, 100-120V

EP-2035 | RunOne™ Unit, without Timer and MultiCaster, Aqua, 100-120V

  • $815.00

RunOne™ Electrophoresis Unit + Aqua MultiCaster, 100–120V includes: EP-2002, EP-1003, EP-1018

All the electrophoresis equipment you need in the palm of your hand


Evolved Form of the RunOne

MultiChannel compatible MultiCaster System transforms the RunOne into a high throughput system, fit to run up to 96 wells 


Integrated Power Supply

Power Supply slides right into the unit, saving precious bench space


Molded Polycarbonate Buffer Tank

Ensure a leak-free environment that is simple for running gels and easy to clean up



RunOne Tank, Qty:1
Catalog Number: EP-2002
Material: White Polycarbonate
RunOne Power Supply, Qty:1
Catalog Number: EP-1003 RunOne Power Supply with Power Cord
Material: White Polycarbonate
Dimensions: 14.1(w) x 10.4(l) x 2.8(h)cm
Voltage Output: 25V, 50V, 100V
Maximum Voltage Input: 120VAC, 60Hz
Over Current Limit: 300mA
Power Rating: 70W
Electrical Rating: 120VAC, 60Hz, 70W, 600mA
RunOne Casting System, Qty:1
Catalog Number: EP-1001
Casting Stand Material: White Polycarbonate
Tray Material: Clear Polycarbonate w/ Black Print
Mini Trays: 5.4(w) x 5.9(l)cm, Qty:4
Landscape Trays: 10.9(w) x 5.9(l)cm, Qty:2
Combs - 1mm thick: 6 and 8 wells for Mini; 12 and 17 wells for Landscape; Qty:2
Load Volume: 28µl for 6 and 12 well, 17µl for 8 and 17 wells
MultiCaster System, Qty:1
Catalog Number: EP-1018, Aqua MultiCaster System
Material: Aqua Polycarbonate
Casting Stand: Aqua Casting Stand, 8 Slots, Qty:1
Gel Tray: Long UV Transparent 11.7(w) x 11.9(l)cm (EP-1025), Qty:1
Combs: Aqua 12+1 (30µl)/24+1 (11µl), 1mm, Qty:4
MultiChannel Compatible: Yes, 12 Channel Compatible
Visualization Plate: Red Long Plate 11.5(w) x 11.9(l)cm (EP-1029), Qty:1
Gel Size: 11.7(w) x 11.9(l) cm

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