PI-1010 | PrepOne™ Image Catcher with WiFi

PI-1010 | PrepOne™ Image Catcher with WiFi

  • $550.00

Transform your PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator into a dark room on your bench, anywhere in your lab!

The PrepOne™ Image Catcher includes a 12.0 megapixel digital camera (more than double your image quality from a typical gel imaging system) that allows you to send your pictures directly to your email or computer via WiFi. Simply connect to your WiFi network, select your picture and press send or backup!

The PrepOne™ Collapsible Photo Hood is easily assembled and collapsible into 5 flat pieces for convenient storage. Simply place the photo hood on top of your PrepOne™ gel illuminator and take a photo! 

You don't need to be in a dark room or near your computer!


PrepOne™ Collapsible Photo Hood for WiFi Camera, Qty:1

Catalog Number: PI-1010

Dimensions: 13.6 cm (W) x 13.6 cm (L) x 15.2 cm (H)

Wifi-enabled Camera, Qty:1

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