Multifunction Shaker

  • $760.00

 The Multifunction Shaker is designed to provide an orbital shaking motion for small tubes and microplates to provide proper agitation and mixing of reagents on your benchtop. With a range of 300 - 1,3000 rpm and a timer function programmable for 1 second - 24 hours continuous operation, you can set the shaker in motion for your protocol and return when it is done. The standard attachment allows for touch operation up to 3,000 rpm to mix samples in tubes and small mixing vessels up to 50 mm in diameter. 

This shaker comes with a wide range of attachments for shaking tubes and sample plates, including a microdish or microplate. Easy to see LCD displays with intuitive programming make this shaker simple to operate.


Accessory included


Standard Attachment adapter

For test tubes and small vessels up to 50 mm diameter

Round attachment

For different rubber foam inserts

Microplate attachment

For 1 standard size microplate

Microdish attachment

For inserting into the round attachment

10mm diameter test tube insert

For 14 test tubes/10 mm diameter

12mm diameter test tube insert

For 6 test tubes/12 mm diameter

16mm diameter test tube insert

For 4 test tubes/16 mm diameter

Test tube insert

Customize your own insert for holding tubes


Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 65 mm Weight: 2.5 kg Orbital diameter: 4.5 mm Shaking motion: orbital Voltage: AC 100-240V Frequency: 50-60 Hz Speed range: 300 - 3,000 rpm Display: LCD Motor type: Brushless motor Operation type: Touch or continuous