EP-1027 | MultiCaster Blue Comb

EP-1027 | MultiCaster Blue Comb

  • $101.00

Reversible Blue Combs for the MultiCaster Gel Casting System. Compatible with Aqua, Blue, Orange, and Yellow MultiCasters.  

  • Dual configuration for multiple gel formats

  • 8+1 well (30 μL) & 16+2 well (11 μL)

  • Multi-channel pipette compatible: 8-channel

Mix and Match! All combs are interchangeable so you can have a single MultiCaster System for all your prep and high throughput needs by simply swapping the combs!

Quantity: 2 combs per pack


Material: Polycarbonate, blue

Well configurations & estimated sample volume*: 8+1 well (30 μL) and 16+2 well (11 μL)

Well thickness: 1 mm

Multi-channel pipette compatibility: 8-channel

*Estimated sample volume is based on gel thickness of 6.5 mm. 

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