LI-2100 | LightOne™ Illuminator Pro

LI-2100 | LightOne™ Illuminator Pro

  • $1,005.00

Increase accuracy in manual 384-well plate loading and sample selection with an illuminated tracking system. 


The LightOne™ Illuminator Pro is a compact bench top pipetting aid for enhanced visualization of 96 or 384-well plates. It provides illumination of specific wells during dispensing, and as a stand-alone device, requires no computer interface. The illumination may be advanced manually or automatically with a user-defined time interval with a convenient pause feature included. The LightOne Illuminator Pro reduces errors associated with manual pipetting into 96 or 384 well plates, and increases the confidence of the operator in delivering the correct reagent or sample to the intended well.

Another distinct advantage of the Pro system over the standard white light system is that it can be used with qPCR samples without bleaching the dyes commonly used in this technique.


Design your plate on the device or use the file converter. Plug in the USB drive and you're ready to pipette. Plug in the foot switch for hands-free control. 

  • Pipette the right one and pick the right one with the LightOne Illuminator PRO: Illuminate your plate as you load and reduce pipetting error during plate preparation. Illuminate individual wells to find and pick the right sample for downstream applications, validation, and confirmation. 
  • Red LEDs illuminate your samples and protect your fluorescent dyes.
  • For high-throughput applications, qPCR, next-generation sequencing, and other 384-well applications.
  • Compatible with 96-well and 384-well plates.




LightOne Unit, Qty:1

Catalog Number: LI-2100, LightOne Pro

Material: White Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 20.3(w) x 15.2(l) x 1.0(h)cm

Weight: 382 g

Compatibility: 96 and 384-well plates: Clear/Opaque, Skirted/Non-skirted

Light Source: Red LED

Connections: Connects to Junction Box

96 Well Adapter, Qty:1

Catalog Number: LI-2001

Material: White Silicone

Dimensions: 18.1(w) x 11.8(l) x 0.2(h)cm

Compatibility: All standard clear or opaques 96-well plates

USB Stick, Qty:1

Storage Capacity: 512 Mb

Custom Templates: File 1 to File 55

Pre-Programmed Templates: File 56 to File 99

File Converters: 96-well Converter and 384-well Converter

Foot Pedal, Qty:1

Material: Blue ABS

Dimensions: 8.7(w) x 10.1(l) x 3.1(h)cm

Connections: Plugs into Junction Box

Junction Box, Qty:1

Material: Black ABS

Dimensions: 3.9(w) x 3.3(l) x 2.1(h)cm

Connections: Foot Pedal, 5V AC Power Supply, Links up to 2 LightOne Units

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