GG4712 | 2% Agarose TBE w/ GelGreen Portrait Gel 2(12) Well

GG4712 | 2% Agarose TBE w/ GelGreen Portrait Gel 2(12) Well

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2% Agarose TBE w/GelGreen Portrait Gel, 2(12) Well


Easy to Use

Just open gel package and place gel with tray directly onto the RunOne Unit platform or similar size platform.



No UV light necessary for viewing gels with GelGreen. Use blue light instead. With no Ethidium Bromide, disposal of gel is quick and easy.


Gel featured in image: 2% Agarose TBE w/ EtBr, Portrait Gel, 2(12) well


Percentage: 2%

Buffer Type: 1X TBE

Gel Type: Agarose

Staining Dye: GelGreen

Gel Dimensions: Portrait, 6.5(w) x 9.5(l) cm

Gel Thickness: 6.0 mm

Well Format: 2(12)

Well Thickness: 1.0 mm

MultiChannel Compatible: No

Load Volume: 11 µL

Gels per Box: 10 gels/Box

Equipment Compatibility: RunOne or similar size units/systems

Shelf life: 3 months at room temperature

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