GE-3601 | 0.8% Agarose TAE w/ EtBr Landscape Gel, 12+1 well

GE-3601 | 0.8% Agarose TAE w/ EtBr Landscape Gel, 12+1 well

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0.8% Agarose TAE w/EtBr Landscape Gel, 12+1 Well

Easy to Use

Just open gel package and place gel with tray directly onto the RunOne Unit platform or similar size platform.


Keep stock on hand with a 7-month shelf life. Store at 4-24ºC.

Gel featured in image: 2% Agarose, TAE w/ EtBr, Landscape Gel, 12+1 well

Run at 100V (8.33cm/V) for 40 minutes
Lanes 1, 4, 7, & 10: SmartMark 1 Kb DNA ladder; 300 ng per lane
Lanes 2, 5, 8 & 11: SmartMark 200 bp DNA ladder; 300 ng per lane


Percentage: 4%

Buffer Type: 1X TAE

Gel Type: Agarose

Staining Dye: EtBr

Gel Dimensions: Landscape, 11.7(w) x 5.6(l)cm

Gel Thickness: 6.0mm

Well Format: 16+2

Well Thickness: 1.0mm

Load Volume: 11µl

MultiChannel Compatible: Yes, 8 Channel Compatible

Gels per Box: 10 gels/Box

Equipment Compatibility: RunOne or similar size units/systems

Shelf life: 7 months at room temperature

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