Specialty Pre-Cast Gels

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Specialty gels are available upon request. Contact us below for information about pricing and availability.

X-Wide Agarose Gels 

EtBr and no-stain agarose gels are available in extra-wide formats, providing more flexibility in addition to our pre-cast agarose gels

Polyacrylamide Gels

10% Ultra TBE and 7.5% TBE polyacrylamide gels with no stain are available.

Shelf Life

  • 0.8% - 3% agarose gels with EtBr: 7 months at room temperature
  • 4% or higher agarose gels with EtBr: 3 months at room temperature
  • Agarose gels with no stain: 1 year at room temperature
  • Polyacrylamide gels: 6 months refrigerated

Specialty Gel Dimensions and Available Formats