PreCast Gels and GelCups 

Reduce your prep time and get to the finish line. From 0.8-4% agarose and in a wide range of well formats, you'll find the precast gel for your application right here.

Or, try pre-stained, pre-mixed GreenGel GelCups, and make pouring gels faster and easier than ever.

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Let Us Pour Your Gel For You! 

Embi Tec pre-cast gels are ready to use out of the package, just drop them into your RunOne, load and go. Made to order, these gels are hand poured by lab technicians whose speciality is making gels. These high quality gels are widely used by major biopharma and diagnostic labs around the world in their daily workflows.

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Customize your gel to your needs: 

DNA Stain: Ethidium Bromide or GelGreen  

Buffer: TBE or TAE  

Agarose percentage: between 0.8%-4% agarose  

Gel Size and thickness 

Up to 24 lanes per row, up to 8 rows per gel : Up to 192 samples on a 11.7 x 11.7 cm gel! 

(pictured: GE-3680 | 1% AGAROSE TAE W/ ETBR LONG GEL, 8(24+1) WELL)

Durable packaging ensures your gels stay safe through transport and storage. 

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Want to get away from EtBr? Try PreCast GreenGels.

Sensitive and Safe. Just as sensitive as EtBr gels without the hazardous drawbacks, Embi Tec precast GreenGels are the solution for the modern research lab.

Eliminate UV. Precast GreenGels fluoresce under with blue light. View with the PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator and be EtBr, UV, and mutant-free.

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Embi Tec GreenGel Gel Cups

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Drastically reduce your prep time with pre-mixed, pre-stained gel cups. Pre-stained with GelGreen™, a new generation of fluorescent DNA stain, to replace ethidium bromide (EtBr) and UV.

Available in 0.8%-4% agarose with TAE or TBE buffer, pre-stained with GelGreen™ - a nonmutagenic, noncytotoxic stain that fluoresces in blue light.

No spill-over: Simple process eliminates messy spills. 40 mL/cup. 

Convenient packaging: No mixing tools needed. Simply peel back the lid, microwave for 30 seconds, and cast your gel. 

Easy Storage: Stable at room temperature, and compact for long-term storage - up to 6 months at room temperature.

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