PI-1000 | PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Illuminator

PI-1000 | PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Illuminator

  • $583.00

PrepOne™ Sapphire

Transcend the Transilluminator for Prep!

First-of-its-kind blue LED light box that allows you to visualize your bands without a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing your access to the gel. 


Ditch UV 

Improve the quality of recovered DNA for your downstream applications and say good-bye to photo-nicking!


No Hazarous Waste

For optimal results, use our precast GreenGels! Get rid of UV and hazardous waste.


Applications: Designed for preparative applications, it is great for viewing DNA bands (50ng) stained with fluorescent dyes with wavelengths of around 490 nm.

* Patent pending


PrepOne Unit, Qty:1

Catalog Number: PI-1000

Material: Black Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 20.3(w) x 15.29(l) x 1.5(h)cm

Viewing Area: 12.5(w) x 12.5(l)cm

Light Source: Blue LEDs

Recommended: Use GelGreen Dye or our Precast GreenGels

PrepOne Filter, Qty:1

Catalog Number: PI-1002

Material: Amber Acrylic

Dimensions: 15.2(w) x 15.2(l) cm

PrepOne Cuttings Mats, Qty:2

Reorder Number: PI-1003, Qty:5

Material: Black Vinyl

Dimensions: 12(w) x 10(l)cm

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