EP-2204 | PreCast Gel Starter Pack: Prep Gel

  • $1,095.00

Make the transition from casting your own gels to precast gels with this starter pack! Try our GreenGel™ PreCast agarose gels.

RunOne™ Electrophoresis System with Timer, 100V-120V (EP-2100): Cast your gel in the RunOne™ Gel Casting System and run your gel in the RunOne™ electrophoresis unit. 

PrepOne™ Sapphire Blue LED Gel Illuminator with Photo Hood for Smart Device (PI-1009): View and photograph your gel with this dark room on your bench without the hazards of UV and EtBr!

1% Agarose, TAE with GelGreen™, Portrait Prep Gel, 5+1 well (GG5100): Precast agarose gel with non-toxic and non-mutagenic GelGreen™ DNA stain ready to use. Run it in the RunOne™ electrophoresis unit. View and prep your gel in the PrepOne™ gel illuminator - no UV, no EtBr, no hazards! Quantity: 10 pk/box. 

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