VL-1200: ViewOne™ LabLite Set

CODE: VL-1200


ViewOne LabLite Set includes:

  • ViewOne™ LabLite 100-240V
  • Viewing stand
  • 96-well template transparancy 2/pk. 

ViewOne Unit, Qty:1

Top: Clear Polycarbonate, Bottom: White Polycarbonate
17.0(w) x 11.5(l) x 0.5(h)cm
13.0(w) x 9.5(l)cm
White LEDs
Petri dish, ELISA plates, PCR plates, Cell Colonies, Cell Culture plates, Hemagglutination Assays, Coomassie Blue Gels

ViewOne Stand, 1 of each

White Acrylic

96 Well Adapter, Qty:2

Black Print on Transparency

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