VL-1000: ViewOne™ LabLite, 100-240V

CODE: VL-1000


  • Dimensions:17(L) x 11.5(W) x 0.5(H) cm
  • Weight: 160g - that's about 5.64383391 ounces!
  • Light Source: White LED
  • 3 selectable intensities
  • Water resistant, Compact and Portable
  • Built in retainer for Petri dishes, agar plates and 96 well plates
  • Comes with a set of interchangeable input plugs for international compatibility, 100-240V

Applications - provide illumination of bacterial plates and ELISA plates for better viewing in colony picking and assay progression. Since it is water resistant, you can even put your wet Coomassie Blue stained gels on there for visualization. No more bulky light boxes to lug around.

ViewOne Unit, Qty:1

Top: Clear Polycarbonate, Bottom: White Polycarbonate
17.0(w) x 11.5(l) x 0.5(h)cm
13.0(w) x 9.5(l)cm
White LEDs
Petri dish, ELISA plates, PCR plates, Cell Colonies, Cell Culture plates, Hemagglutination Assays, Coomassie Blue Gels

96 Well Adapter, Qty:2

Black Print on Transparency

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