PI-2100 : PrepOne Sapphire & Image Catcher System with WiFi

CODE: PI-2100


PrepOne Sapphire & Image Catcher System with WiFi, includes: PI-1000, PI-1010

First-of-its-kind blue LED light box that allows you to visualize and cut out the DNA bands without a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing your access to the gel. Its oblique illumination design features a light source that enters the gel from the side, hence exciting the fluorescent dye enough so you can see the bands with the naked eye without over-saturating the background of the gel.


Improve quality of DNA Recovered

The PrepOne uses blue LEDs instead of UV to illuminate your gel. Eliminate UV-induced mutations, photo-nicking or damage to your precious samples. 


Improve the quantity of DNA Recovered

If are cutting bands with a UV transillumilator, you are probably trying to limit the exposure of your sample to the damaging effects of UV as much as you can. With the PrepOne, you can take your time to cut out the optimal band with minimum attached agarose to get the most efficient recovery rate. 


Easy Transfer to Your Computer

The camera system features a 12.0≤ megapixel digital camera(*) that allows you to send your picture directly to your email or computer via WiFi. We know you computer is not always right next to your illuminator so rather than walking back and forth, press send!

(*) To give you an idea of image quality, typical gel doc systems and gel imaging systems on the market are about 1.2-5.0 megapixels.


PrepOne Unit, Qty:1

Black Polycarbonate
20.3(w) x 15.29(l) x 1.5(h)cm
12.5(w) x 12.5(l)cm
Blue LEDs
Use GelGreen Dye or our Precast GreenGels

PrepOne Filter, Qty:1

Amber Acrylic
15.2(w) x 15.2(l) cm

PrepOne Cuttings Mats, Qty:2

PI-1003, Qty:5
Black Vinyl
12(w) x 10(l)cm

PrepOne Image Catcher, Qty:1

Black ABS
14.6(w) x 14.6(l) x 15.2(h)cm
12 megapixel or more
530 nm, high quality long-pass filter
PrepOne Sapphire, other blue light boxes or UV light boxes

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