LI-2100: LightOne™ Pro

CODE: LI-2100


LightOne™ Pro

Pipette the Right One with the LightOne


Customizable Templates

Save your templates into the included USB stick and load them into the LightOne Pro


Click Here to go to Template Generator

LightOne Unit, Qty:1

LI-2100, LightOne Pro
White Polycarbonate
20.3(w) x 15.2(l) x 1.0(h)cm
382 g
96 and 384-well plates: Clear/Opaque, Skirted/Non-skirted
Connects to Junction Box

96 Well Adapter, Qty:1

White Silicone
18.1(w) x 11.8(l) x 0.2(h)cm
All standard clear or opaques 96-well plates

USB Stick, Qty:1

512 Mb
File 1 to File 55
File 56 to File 99
96-well Converter and 384-well Converter

Foot Pedal, Qty:1

Blue ABS
8.7(w) x 10.1(l) x 3.1(h)cm
Plugs into Junction Box

Junction Box, Qty:1

Black ABS
3.9(w) x 3.3(l) x 2.1(h)cm
Foot Pedal, 5V AC Power Supply, Links up to 2 LightOne Units

LightOne Pro Instructions Manual (LI-2100instructions.pdf, 755 Kb) [Download]

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