LI-1200: LightOne™ FS

CODE: LI-1200


LightOne™ Illuminator FS

Pipette the Right One with the LightOne


Pipette Your Plate with No Mistakes!

It's a lot easier when you see which well you are on instead of guessing or raising your plate to see which well has liquid

LightOne Unit, Qty:1

LI-1200, LightOne FS
White Polycarbonate
15.0(w) x 15.0(l) x 1.5(h)cm
295 g
96-well plates: Clear/Opaque, Skirted/Non-skirted
White LED
Connects to Junction Box

LightOne Viewing Stand, Qty:1

White Painted Metal
10º, 30º, 45º

LightOne Viewing Frame, Qty:1

Blue Acrylic
10.2(w) x 6.7(l)cm
12.8(w) x 8.5(l)cm
Half-Skirted or Non-Skirted 96-well PCR Plates

Foot Pedal, Qty:1

Blue ABS
8.7(w) x 10.1(l) x 3.1(h)cm
Plugs into Junction Box

Junction Box, Qty:1

Black ABS
3.9(w) x 3.3(l) x 2.1(h)cm
Foot Pedal, 5V AC Power Supply, Links up to 2 LightOne Units

LightOne FS Instructions Manual (LI-1200instructions.pdf, 2,092 Kb) [Download]

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