EP-1119: HLA Gel Casting System Blue MultiCaster

CODE: EP-1119


HLA Gel Casting System Blue MultiCaster

 Reorder numbers: EP-1023EP-1025EP-1027

Formated for HLA Typing

Set up exactly the way your PCR plate is for easy one to one transfer


Leak Free

Molded casting stand is leak free and eliminates the need for tape, wedges and gaskets


MultiChannel Compatible MultiCasters

MultiChannel compatibility makes loading gels easy!





MultiCaster System, Qty:1

EP-1119, Blue MultiCaster System for HLA
Blue Polycarbonate
Blue Casting Stand, 12 Slots, Qty:1
5 Compartment Long UV Transparent 11.7(w) x 11.9(l)cm (EP-1093), Qty:1
Blue 8+1(30µl)/16+2 (11µl), 1mm, Qty:12
Yes, 8 Channel Compatible
Red Long Plate 11.5(w) x 11.9(l)cm (EP-1029), Qty:1
11.7(w) x 11.9(l) cm

MultiCaster Instructions Manual (multicaster-instructions.pdf, 4,262 Kb) [Download]

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