Electrophoresis Systems

The RunOne Electrophoresis System is a compact horizontal running unit with integrated power supply that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Its versatile design along with its partnership with the MultiCasters, allow you the flexibility to run the gels you need and not just the gels you have. Whether you need large sample volumes for prep or high-throughput gels for screening, we have the system for you!

  Product Product code Price  
EP-1016: Yellow MultiCaster System

CODE: EP-1016

EP-1017: Orange MultiCaster System

CODE: EP-1017

EP-1018: Aqua MultiCaster System

CODE: EP-1018

EP-1019: Blue MultiCaster System

CODE: EP-1019

EP-1020: Yellow MultiCaster Casting Stand

CODE: EP-1020

EP-1021: Orange MultiCaster Casting Stand

CODE: EP-1021

EP-1022: Aqua MultiCaster Casting Stand

CODE: EP-1022

EP-1023: Blue MultiCaster Casting Stand

CODE: EP-1023

EP-1024: Medium UVT Gel Tray for Orange/Yellow/White MultiCaster

CODE: EP-1024

EP-1025: Long UVT Gel Tray for Blue/Aqua MultiCaster

CODE: EP-1025

EP-1026: Aqua Comb 12+1/24+1

CODE: EP-1026

EP-1027: Blue Comb for MultiCaster Dual Configuration

CODE: EP-1027